Ideas for Japanese students who want to travel,
study, work, or volunteer overseas.

Published by SEIBIDO (2003)



My main purpose in writing this book was to give Japanese students some ideas for traveling overseas. I do not just mean going on trips but doing something more meaningful such as studying, working or volunteering in other countries.

Many of the ideas in this book involve living abroad for extended periods of time as I believe that this kind of experience will allow you not only to improve your language skills, but also to develop greater confidence, maturity and flexibility. All of these are important when it comes to getting a job, something that is becoming increasingly difficult nowadays. In addition, living in a foreign country will give you the opportunity to meet and make friends with people from various countries and cultures.

Throughout the book, you will find brief true-life stories of various Japanese people's experiences in foreign countries: what they did and how it benefited them.

Obviously, if you are to make the most of your time abroad, you will need to boost your English ability, and so this book has been designed to challenge you and to stretch your capabilities. The vocabulary, texts and exercises have all been carefully written and selected so that they achieve the goals both of developing your comprehension of English and supplying you with useful information for your own adventures.

Many of the units include authentic English materials and questions that are similar to those you might find in the main international tests of English: TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), and IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

Also, at the end of each unit, you will find the addresses of Internet websites from which you can obtain up-to-date or additional information.

I very much hope that reading and studying this book will give you the skills, motivation and inspiration to go out into the world, to try something new and to do something that will give you a sense of achievement.

Happy traveling!

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1. Package Tours

2. Independent Travel

3. Trans-Siberian Express

4. Music Festivals

5. Youth Hostels

6. YMCA of the Rockies

7. Active Vacations

8. Study English Abroad

9. Homestay

10. Exchange Student

11. Peace Boat

12. Working Holiday Visa

13. Au Pair

14. Internship

15. Teaching Japanese Language and Culture

16. Welfare Work

17. National Trust Conservation Volunteers

18. EarthWatch

19. Tree Planting

20. Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers

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Unit 1: Package Tours

Japanese Ministry of Justice (–@–±Θ):

Japan Association of Travel Agents (“ϊ–{—·s‹Ζ‹¦‰ο):

Japan National Tourist Organization (‘ΫŠΟŒυU‹»‰ο):

UK Office of National Statistics:

US Office of Travel and Tourism Industries:

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Unit 2: Independent Travel

Japan National Tourist Organization (‘ΫŠΟŒυU‹»‰ο):

Top Contents

Unit 3: Trans-Siberian Express

Intourist USA:

Trans-Siberian Express:

The Russia Experience:

Trans-Siberian Express:

The Russian National Tourist Office:

Trans-Siberia Dot Com:

Top Contents

Unit 4: Music Festivals

Glastonbury Festival:

Reading Festival:

Top Contents

Unit 5: Youth Hostels

International Youth Hostel Federation:




England and Wales:


New Zealand:

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Unit 6: YMCA of the Rockies

YMCA of the Rockies:

The town of Estes Park:

Rapid Transit Rafting:

Colorado Guide:

Rocky Mountain National Park:

Rocky Mountain Guide:

YMCA World Service:


Japan YMCA Organization:

Top Contents

Unit 7: Active Vacations


Action Trips:

Africa Guide:

GORP Travel:


Wilderness Web:

Companies in the text:

African Routes:

Anjou Bike Center:

Aussie Adventure:

Canyon Trail Rides:

Cape York Motorcycle Adventures:

Snowdonia Adventures:

Spirit of the West:

Western Spirit:

Top Contents

Unit 8: Study English Abroad

Davefs ESL Cafe:

Global Study:

International Study and Education Services (ISES):

Study Abroad:

Study in Australia (ELICOS):

British Council:


Study in the USA:

The American Association of Intensive English Programs:

Top Contents

Unit 9: Homestay

Cultural Homestay International (CHI):

Study Abroad Links:

Davefs ESL Cafe Homestay Links: links:

GoUK homestay advice:

Top Contents

Unit 10: Exchange Student

Kenji Kitao's information on studying abroad:

Council on International Educational Exchange:

Yahoo! Links to sites about estudy abroadf:

Ryuugaku Journal (—―ŠwƒWƒƒ[ƒiƒ‹):

Ryuugaku Times (—―Šwƒ^ƒCƒ€ƒY):

Ryuugaku Links (—―Šw ‚k‚‰‚Ž‚‹‚“):

Ryuugaku Net (—―Šwƒlƒbƒg):

Top Contents

Unit 11: Peace Boat


CIA World Factbook:

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI):

United Nations Peace and Security:

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO):

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR):

United States Institute of Peace:

United Nations Peacekeeping Q & A:

USA State Department: Bureau of Arms Control:

Top Contents

Unit 12: Working Holiday Visa

Japan Association for Working Holiday Makers:

Australia Web (embassy information):

Australia Immigration Service:

Australia working holiday visa application form (Adobe file):

Harvest guide for Australia:

Canadian Embassy in Japan:

Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan on working holidays:

Canada working holiday visa application form (Adobe file):

New Zealand Embassy in Japan:

New Zealand Immigration Service:

New Zealand working holiday visa application form (Adobe file):

Seasonal work in New Zealand (agency):

UK Now (embassy information):

UK visa information:

French Embassy in Japan:

German Embassy in Japan:

Korean Working Holiday Organization:

Top Contents

Unit 13: Au Pair

Work Abroad as an Au Pair (Mary A. Schumacher):

Au Pair in America:

Great Au Pair:
Great Au Pair family search page:

Family Match Au Pair & Nanny Service (Australia):

USA J-1 Visitor Exchange Visa official information:;exchange.html

Top Contents

Unit 14: Internship

CEC Japan (internships and volunteering):

Council Exchanges Japan:

International Internship Programs:

Vulcanus Project (in Europe):

Worldwide Academic Corporation:

Top Contents

Unit 15: Teaching Japanese Language and Culture

Japan Foundation (‘ΫŒπ—¬Šξ‹ΰ):

Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ŠO–±Θ):

Japan Festival Education Trust UK (JFET):

Japan in Your Classroom (JIYC):

The Marist School, New Zealand:

CECJ Assistant Japanese Teacher Program:

International Internship Programs:

Volunteers International Programmes:

Top Contents

Unit 16: Welfare Work

Community Service Volunteers (UK):

HelpAge International:

Live-in Caregiver Program in Canada:

United Nations Population Division:@

Volunteer Match (USA):

CEC Japan (internships and volunteering):

Volunteers International Programs:

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Unit 17: National Trust Conservation Volunteers

National Trust main site:

National Trust Volunteers:

National Trust Volunteers Working Holidays brochure:@

Japanese Economic Planning Agency White Paper on the National Lifestyle (2000) (ŒoΟŠι‰ζ’‘: ‘–―ΆŠˆ”’‘: ƒ{ƒ‰ƒ“ƒeƒBƒA‚ͺ[‚ί‚ιD‰ (•½¬‚P‚Q”N):

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Unit 18: EarthWatch

EarthWatch website:

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Unit 19: Tree Planting

UNEP Desertification:

UNEP report: Introduction to desertification:

UNEP report: Global Environment Outlook 2000:

United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification:

UNCCD China national report:

All-China Youth Federation:

Green Earth Volunteers (China):

The Japan Association for Greening Deserts:

Desert Planting Volunteer Association:

Yellow River Friendship Woods Joint Project (Yamaguchi Prefecture):

Friends of the Earth Japan:

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Unit 20: Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers

JICA (‘Ϋ‹¦—ΝŽ–‹Ζ’c)


USA Peace Corps:

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Copyright: N R Stott (2003)